Gravity London

Ngineered were engaged to build a WordPress infrastructure in AWS and improve developer workflow by introducing CI/CD. Since the initial deployment Ngineered have now implemented an enterprise grade Docker and Kubernetes cluster for multiple customer sites, covering industries such as Manufacturing, Aerospace and Engineering, for large scale events and press releases.


At Freewebstore, Ngineered was responsible for migrating a fast-growing e-commerce store from a traditional on-premise environment to the cloud.

The Freewebstore management team knew that they needed to adopt cloud in order get the scale they needed. However they were very concerned about possible downtime during the migration.

Ngineered migrated their systems without a minute of interruption, and laid out a technical strategy to support their future business plans.


Numiko is creative agency that delivers work to some of the UK’s biggest brands like The National Lottery, The BBC and Cancer Research. 

In working with Ngineered, Numiko found a partner that was able to meet the high expectations of them and their customers by responding quickly to changing requirements and delivering highly performant systems. 

This was rewarded with a British Media Interactive (BIMA) award for a joint project in 2012.

Channel 4

At Channel 4, Ngineered was responsible for the migration and deployment of 250 sites a year onto Amazon Web Services. In the process, they dealt with dozens of external agencies and multiple departments.

Given the huge variety of requirements, Ngineered had to work with with multiple content management systems (i.e. WordPress, Drupal, Umbraco) and programming languages.

They regularly had to cater for huge TV growth spikes including the scale of the cloud infrastructure behind Davina McCall’s Million Pound Drop.