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New Nginx containers

Introducing nginx-nodeJS and nginx-static to the container family

We'd like to formally announce the launch of two new containers that share their pedigree with nginx-php-fpm and the great features that brings. These are:

nginx-nodejs :


nginx-static :

These containers not only run your static or nodeJS website but can dynamically pull and push application code to/from a git repository. This can be done by supplying a SSH key or a Personal Access Token.

They also have Let's Encrypt support out of the box and with a simple command this can be enabled.

Newer features in this series of containers such as scripting support, that is the ability to run arbitrary scripts at start time for custom tweaks to the container, is supported by simply including a scripts folder in your git repository. 

Another new feature is the support for custom nginx configs. If you include config files in your git repository in conf/nginx these will be automatically detected and used instead of the default.

We hope you enjoy these containers and please use github to suggest improvements or bug fixes.

The docker hub links are below:

nginx-nodejs on docker hub

nginx-static on docker hub

Ric Harvey

Ric leads engineering and technical architecture for Ngineered. He has a vast amount of experience in cloud computing, having been responsible for the delivery of large-scale cloud migration projects at companies like Ticketmaster and Channel 4.