We are huge advocates of open source and cloud computing, the foundation of our services

Ngineered was born out of frustration with an old-fashioned approach to delivering technology.

They knew they could bring more value to their clients given the opportunity to implement newer, more innovative software and services.

Huge advocates of open source and cloud computing, this became the foundation of their offering and after starting the company in 2012, they quickly found customers that shared their values.

Over the past few years their work has shown excellent results, and Ngineered have numerous clients that represent a wide variety of companies from the smallest startups to the biggest corporations.

We are Ngineered

Ric Harvey

Founder / Technical Director

Ric leads engineering and technical architecture for Ngineered. He has a vast amount of experience in cloud computing, having been responsible for the delivery of large-scale cloud migration projects at companies like Ticketmaster and Channel 4.

Ian MacDougall

Technical Architect

Ian is responsible for Ngineered’s customer builds. An expert in the requirements of the enterprise, he is known for his rock-solid builds, and his sensitivity to legacy systems.

We love open source

Our latest projects


Nginx and NodeJS container with git pull/push features


docker container for hosting static pages