Cloud Knowledge

Ngineered has extensive knowledge in public and private cloud solutions to help you deliver the solution that best fits your needs. Ngineered has experience with Amazon Web Services(AWS), Google Cloud Platform(GCP), RackSpace and Openstack.

Open Source

Ngineered is committed to using open standards and open source solutions wherever possible. This helps you, the customer, reduce total cost of ownership and allows you to avoid vendor lock in, giving you freedom to innovate.

Technical Architecture

At Ngineered we pride ourselves in designing for a cloud platform and helping companies migrate from the data centre driven approach to a modern architecture, in order to take advantage of the latest Iaas, SaaS and PaaS solutions.

Security Focused

If you want to run sensitive workloads in the cloud Ngineered has the experience to help you secure your systems and protect your data. Ngineered has experience to help you make your site safe and compliant.

Who Are We?

Ngineered is a team of deeply experienced engineers that have a strong focus on architecture and design of solutions for the cloud, Amazon Web Services(AWS), Google Cloud Engine(GCE), RackSpace and Openstack. We have created solutions for some of the world's biggest transactional websites, global scale corporations consisting of thousands of instances, new product releases via web applications, and we also have huge experience with high demand sites driven by TV audiences and social media. We thrive on technology and have a passion for open source technologies, elegant architecture and engineering solutions. We pride ourselves on delivering the best solutions that allow our customers to scale and grow as their website traffic increases. We see your customers as our customers and we won't rest until they have the best online experience.

Innovative Architecture

In the era of cloud technologies its time to take a new approach to technical architecture and engineering in order to break away from the restrictions of data centre design and take full advantage of these emerging technologies. Ngineered's innovation in architecture and engineering shows our in depth understanding in delivering you the best solution without system wastage or overspend.

Elasticity and Security

The cloud opens up great opportunities for us to design systems that scale from ten users to millions of users in very short time scales. This elasticity is what the cloud is designed to do and, when done correctly, can help you to effectively manage resources and budgets. When security is paramount for your application we know the best practices to deploy to ensure your data is safe. We have vast experience in PCI compliant environments and experience in handling sensitive private data.

Flexible and Collaborative

The award-winning work Numiko and Ngineered have done together on high-traffic, mission-critical sites and applications for Channel 4 has featured the smoothest and most highly performing systems we've ever seen.
Jaron Ghani - Technical Director Numiko. 

Proactive Planning

Ngineered are very easy to work with. They answered all the questions we had regarding the project and went above and beyond to lay out potential future growth issues and how these could be resolved.
Martin Hermansen - CEO Freewebstore. 

A Great Asset

I've worked with Ngineered on a number of projects at Channel 4 and I'm always impressed not only by their detailed technical knowledge, but by their apparent interest and understanding of the creative objectives driving a project.

Jodie Morris - Online Production Manager Channel 4.